When staying in the States the foreign adults or students find it very interesting that the American family, with whom they are staying, receives no money to have them live with them.  The host family enjoys having their guests be part of their lives, learning about each other’s culture and family. This is a core value of what we do: relationships. To that end, we train the American families about the foreign culture and how to make a stranger a family member.

The cross-cultural relationship begins before the student or individual comes to the States via letters, social media or other online exchanges. We have hosted international students and individuals for over twenty years so we understand how critical it is for them to feel confident they will be safe, well cared for and loved.

By listening to each person’s story we gain a greater understanding of their world and allows us to introduce them to God’s story and how they are a part of it. We believe that providing opportunities for an individual to read, discuss and interact with the Bible enables God to work in their heart and mind making it real in their cultural context.

The participants are encouraged to put into practice truths and principles discovered while interacting with God’s word. In doing so, it allows God’s Spirit to change their heart, mind, will and behavior demonstrating to them his presence and where they fit in God’s story.

Our desire is for people to develop a trust in God’s word and a faith to follow Jesus with a grateful and obedient heart. We want them to share their story and help friends in their social network and family discover what it means to trust the God of the Bible and follow Jesus.

Contact us if you wish to host a student, participate or support a family.