Jesus spent time building a relationship with people. This is a core value of what we do: relationships. To that end, we train the American families about the different culture and how to make a stranger a family member. The cross-cultural relationship begins before they even arrive to the US and will last a life time.

Jesus invited people to be his disciples by first asking them to “come and see”. They were considered seekers. Jesus spoke to them about the Kingdom of God, answered their questions and allowed them to interact with other followers of Jesus.  It was a time where they saw his life, the fruit of his teachings and experienced his presence.

Then Jesus challenged the seekers to “follow me”. He wanted them to identify with him; to believe in who he was and obey all he was teaching. Jesus wanted the seekers to trust him to show them how to be like him and be a citizen of the Kingdom of God while in this world. The disciple would enter into a transformation process, from the old self to the new self, which would be allow them to mature to be like Jesus.

In this transformation process they mature in their Christlikeness. They learn to obedience to his teaching and share with others their story and God’s story. As they are following Jesus they “fish for men”; they invite others to “come and see”. They mature in wisdom, for their love of God and their neighbor.

They begin to understand what it meant to be ambassadors of Christ; to obey Jesus’ command to “go and make disciples…of all nations…”. Like Jesus they invite others to “come and see” and challenge them to be a disciple of Jesus.