We are in the business of designing and developing a mission organization that has…

  1. A ministry environment which incarnates
    1. the intrinsic value of each individual as demonstrated in the teaching, life and ministry of Jesus
    2. the complete unity of believers Jesus prays for (John 17)
    3. the intimate love for God and others Jesus commands (Matt 22)
    4. the disciple-making method for reaching the world Jesus practiced (Matt 28)


  1. A visionary strategy that mobilizes
    1. individuals, churches, missions, and other organizations
    2. into alliances of redemptive love toward the unreached and least reached peoples of our communities and the world (Acts 1:8)…


  1. A mission model that illustrates
    1. how a mission organization/church can be and stay relevant, “missional”, and effective in a changing world
    2. the ability of the local church to take “ownership” of reaching both their community and unreached/least reached people groups
    3. the exponential benefit of “kingdom partnerships” between missional organizations (churches, para churches, and mission agencies)


  1. An organizational structure that multiplies
    1. by enduring the challenges of a changing world and transitions of leadership
    2. by facilitating a discipling-making disciples movement
    3. until there is a church planting movement (a “great commission” church) established among all peoples (ethne) of the world

Ultimately…  in preparation for the return of Jesus to the Glory of the Father (Matt 24:14)

“And this gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations…and then the end will come.”  (v14)