Ukraine Assistance

We are in the long process of helping 8 Ukrainian women and their children resettle in Washington State.

Your donation will help them with housing, food, clothing, transportation and education. 

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Making Disciples of All Nations

Jesus spent time building a relationship with people. This is a core value of what we do: relationships. To that end, we train the American families about the different culture and how to make a stranger a family member. The cross-cultural relationship begins before they even arrive to the US and will last a life time.

Jesus invited people to be his disciples by first asking them to “come and see”. They were considered seekers. Jesus spoke to them about the Kingdom of God, answered their questions and allowed them to interact with other followers of Jesus.  It was a time where they saw his life, the fruit of his teachings and experienced his presence.

Then Jesus challenged the seekers to “follow me”. He wanted them to identify with him; to believe in who he was and obey all he was teaching. Jesus wanted the seekers to trust him to show them how to be like him and be a citizen of the Kingdom of God while in this world. The disciple would enter into a transformation process, from the old self to the new self, which would be allow them to mature to be like Jesus.

In this transformation process they mature in their Christlikeness. They learn to obedience to his teaching and share with others their story and God’s story. As they are following Jesus they “fish for men”; they invite others to “come and see”. They mature in wisdom, for their love of God and their neighbor.

They begin to understand what it meant to be ambassadors of Christ; to obey Jesus’ command to “go and make disciples…of all nations…”. Like Jesus they invite others to “come and see” and challenge them to be a disciple of Jesus.

A Basque/ Camino Adventure

Join us in 2023 for a 15 day adventure in Basque Country.

The Camino de Santiago is considered a bucket list destination for many people, whether you consider yourself a spiritual person or not. We will be exploring faith and spirituality during one day visiting Saint John Pied o Port  and 6 days on the Camino. Participants will be walking approximately 15 miles a day and be staying with other pilgrims on the journey. (Accommodations can be made if one is unable to walk the full journey.)

The Basque Experience will be 6 days of touring and tasting Basque culture. Participants will be visiting several Basque historical sites, landmarks, museums, beaches, and experiencing a traditional cider house, txakoli vineyard, a sheep farm, pintxo bar hopping (unique hors d’oeuvre appetizers) and other gastronomical delights.

Please complete our survey to determine the best time to walk the Camino. The link below will take you to our JOY Travel USA website.

More Information & Take a Survey 

Olabe – live and serve abroad

Until recently, Olabe was a 500 year old abandoned farm on the wild Basque coast. New owners Joseba and Joanna Attard have a clear vision to breathe new life into these ancient stones, converting Olabe and the surrounding land into a vibrant cultural hub – a place to be used for conferences, retreats, camps, courses, rural skills workshops, glamping, creative events and community activities.

Olabe is looking for financial investors to finish the project and support the mission in creating a place where people can “disconnect to reconnect” through using the farm to reconnect with nature and the Creator.

For more information: Contact us here 

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Please consider contributing to the Olabe restoration project – click here.

Opportunities to serve and give.

JOY Ministries has several ways you can get involved in using your gifts, talents and resources in furthering the Gospel of Jesus where you live or on the other side of the world.

  1. The Olabe Project

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