Until recently, Olabe was a 500 year old abandoned farm on the wild Basque coast. New owners Joseba and Joanna Attard have a clear vision to breathe new life into these ancient stones, converting Olabe and the surrounding land into a vibrant Basque cultural hub – a place to be used for conferences, retreats, camps, courses, rural skills workshops, glamping, creative events and community activities.

Olabe’s location is spectacular, nestled in an untouched, rural pocket of the Basque Country, where local language, culture and traditions are lovingly preserved by a friendly and hospitable community.

The farmhouse itself is in desperate need of restoration and its 20 acres of surrounding pasture, woodland and ancient forests require responsible and sustainable management if they are to thrive. Over the past few years they have been able to restore the house so to live in a quarter of the space. More work needs to be done to accommodate up to 40 people.

Joseba and Joanna are driven by faith and have a unique ability to connect with people on a very natural level. They speak English, Basque, Spanish and French. During the first year at Olabe they (and their 9 year old daughter Nahia), have been living in a yurt and have welcomed more than 600 people from over 25 different countries around the world! Olabe is proving itself to be a magnet for many different people. 

There is no Basque speaking church in Basque Country. In fact, most Basque people will not set foot in a church building but they will come to a Basque home and hear about Jesus and discuss the truth in the Bible. Olabe is to be a Kingdom Outpost where people can taste, see, hear, touch and explore what it means to follow Jesus.

Olabe is helping people to re-address an imbalance prevalent in our lives and society today – a rapidly increasing dependency on technology, compared with an ever dwindling lack of knowledge and understanding of the natural world and the God who is there. We have traded the “God-given” for the “man-made” and the effects are alarming.

Please consider supporting this very unique and innovative project, and be a part of cultivating a lasting legacy in the Basque Country.

Eskerrik asko ta ikusi arte.
(“thank you and until we see you” in Basque)

Joseba & Joanna Attard (Olabe )
Rick Walker (Joy Ministries)


GO – We plan to travel to Olabe in Basque Country for 14 days in the  Fall of 2023 and the Summer of 2024. Contact us if you are interested in experiencing Basque culture and visiting Olabe.

Musu bat (one kiss).

GIVE – Consider making a tax deductible donation below to help the project move forward.

INVEST- There is a need for an investor to finish the project and make the outpost accessible to more people. Contact us for investment packet.



January – March

We need to source €50,000 investment required to finish Olabe so that we can open in 2024. The goals for this quarter are to finish the kitchen area, carpark, landscaping, Interior design, decoration, furnishing and kitting out with equipment.

S U P P O R T I N G   O L A B E



This whole vision was birthed in prayer and fasting. Each milestone has been a direct result of prayer and it has also sustained us physically, spiritually and emotionally. Click here to join the Olabe prayer support network team.

Send a work team

Can you organise a team of willing and skilled volunteers that might be interested in working on a specific construction project at Olabe?

Financial support

Do you know individuals or business that may be interested in investing? Please consider sharing our investment proposal with them. Or are you or your church able to fundraise for a specific project, e.g. “sponsor a bathroom” or “buy a bunk bed”? Any donations go directly into keeping the Olabe project moving forward.

If you are based in the USA you can donate through the charity Joy Ministries. Be sure to select “Olabe Project” from the options.

Olabe CB Joseph Attard & Joanna Matthews
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