JOY Ministries was founded in 2015 to serve the Body of Christ in finishing the task Jesus started. Over 25 years of experience connecting churches with unreached people groups.

Basque Church Plant

An International Gathering

In 2018, JOY Ministries participated in an international church service in Donostia. It was led by a number of pastors who have hosted Basque students for many years and have traveled to Basque Country to experience their culture and get to know their families. The international church service was precipitated by the comments pastors kept hearing from their students and parents, “If we could have a church service (in Basque Country) like you have them in the United States, we would come.”

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El Camino del Norte Adventure

Join us in 2021 for a 10 day adventure in Basque Country.

The trip will have you walk the Camino for three days and spend three days touring and experiencing the Basque Culture.

Today, the Camino del Norte is the third most popular way to Santiago, according to information gathered by the pilgrim’s office in Santiago. It is a great alternative for first-time pilgrims who strive to get away from the crowd while still benefiting from the well-developed service infrastructure along the way.”

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Olabe – live and serve abroad

Olabe Project

An introduction to Olabe and our vision for restoring this 400 yr old traditional Basque farmhouse.Video by Shealan Faere Photography

Posted by Olabe on Saturday, June 24, 2017

Until recently, Olabe was a 500 year old abandoned farm on the wild Basque coast. New owners Joseba and Joanna Attard have a clear vision to breathe new life into these ancient stones, converting Olabe and the surrounding land into a vibrant cultural hub – a place to be used for conferences, retreats, camps, courses, rural skills workshops, glamping, creative events and community activities.

Olabe is looking for financial investors to finish the project and support the mission in creating a place where people can “disconnect to reconnect” through using the farm to reconnect with nature and the Creator.

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Who We Are
Our Values

We are in the business of designing and developing a mission organization that has…
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Our Name

Our name, JOY Ministries, was chosen intentionally and contains an acrostic and two words that embody “The Dream” we believe Jesus has for our mission.                        Read more.

Our Dream

JOY Ministries exists to expand the Kingdom of God by “making disciples” among all peoples of the world in obedience to Jesus’ Great Commission in Matthew 28:18-20 and according to the pattern in Acts 1:8.        Read more.