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Discover the Basque Country

Here is a video created by another organization in Spain. This video focuses on the need for forgiveness and reconciliation. Through the centuries the Basque have been hurt and betrayed […]

Time for a Change: Different Way, Different Results

Time for a change

Ukraine Assistance

We are in the long process of helping 8 Ukrainian women and their children resettle in Washington State. Your donation will help them with housing, food, clothing, transportation and education.  […]

Making Disciples of All Nations

Jesus spent time building a relationship with people. This is a core value of what we do: relationships. To that end, we train the American families about the different culture and how […]

Host A Student – Bringing the mission field home

JOY Teen USA  JOY Teen is an English immersion program for Basque students to travel to the USA and live with an American family during the month of July. Students will arrive […]

Basque Church Plant

An International Gathering

A Basque/ Camino Adventure

Join us in 2024 for a 15 day adventure in Basque Country. The Camino de Santiago is considered a bucket list destination for many people, whether you consider yourself a spiritual […]

Olabe – live and serve abroad

Until recently, Olabe was a 500 year old abandoned farm on the wild Basque coast. New owners Joseba and Joanna Attard have a clear vision to breathe new life into these […]

Our Values

We are in the business of designing and developing a mission organization that has… Read more.

Our Name

Our name, JOY Ministries, was chosen intentionally and contains an acrostic and two words that embody “The Dream” we believe Jesus has for our mission.               […]

Our Dream

JOY Ministries exists to expand the Kingdom of God by “making disciples” among all peoples of the world in obedience to Jesus’ Great Commission in Matthew 28:18-20 and according to the […]